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40th Anniversary Club Day: March 24th, 2012

Santa Monica Rugby’s 40th Anniversary Club day is this weekend!  Most SMRC teams will be playing at our home pitch and greatly appreciate your support!  Also, WHOLE CLUB photo will take place at 3:30 p.m., right before the 1st team men’s match!  Make sure you’re there the comemorate your participation.

West Field

8:45 am   U12 Boys v ORCA (3 x 20min)

10:00 am  U16 Boys v ORCA (3 x 30min)

11:15am Men D3 v OC Bucks

12:45pm Old Boys v Back Bay (2 x 30min)

2:00pm  Men D1 II v  Belmont Shore II

3:45pm  Men D1 v Belmont Shore

East Field

9:00am   U14 Boys v ORCA (3 x 25min)

10:30am  U19 Boys v ORCA (2 x 35min)

12:00pm  U19 Girls v ORCA (2 x 35min)

1:30pm  U14 Girls v Belmont (3 x 10min)

2:15pm  Women vs Belmont (friendly)