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Dolphins Left Seeing Red vs Pink O-Club

Olympic Club 42 – 31 Santa Monica


Olympic Club notched their second victory of the season on Saturday with a 43-31 win over Santa Monica. The Hawley brothers were particularly dangerous in the match as was fly-half Keegan Engelbrecht. However, before O-Club could get on a roll it was the Dolphins who looked like they would come away with the win. Dave Martini, Mathieu Lesgourgues, and fullback Tyler Pritchard would score to give Santa Monica a 19-3 lead. But after that O-Club stormed back with Colin Hawley taking a nice prop-like pick and go to score. Michael Haley added the team’s second try to make it 19-15 to Santa Monica at the half.

In the second half Olympic Club were the first to get out on the front foot. Garrett Hawley crossed over to give O-Club their first lead of the match and then Haley scored his second try to make it 29-19. Still, credit to Santa Monica for fighting back. Solid pressure and runs down the middle earned them two tries to make it 31-29 for the Dolphins. But as the half wore on Olympic Club began to see a lot more of the ball and run through multiple phases. That pressure paid off as a nice pass from Engelbrecht found John Gallo for the try. Colin Hawley then put the final touch on the match with a 50 meter run off a scrum move for a try.