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Dolphins make Tempe 7s Final

The final act of the Tempe 7’s Tournament featured two old foes, Santa Monica RFC vs Belmont Shore RFC.

Both knew it would be tough. Instead of 7 minute halfs, 10 minute periods would be had. 4 tests had already been fought. Kickoff would take place at 11:30pm, the entire dance scheduled late to thwart the Arizona sun. Everyone that had been knocked out previously would side ready to enjoy the contest.

The Dolphins struck first with a try 10 meters to the right of the posts. Belmont would see that effort and raise the good guys in green another, missing the conversion.


The intermission whistle blew and quiet blanketed the entire park. The suspense and tension was palpable.

In the huddle the boys were collected and committed to give it everything. A squirt of water, an orange slice, and a squeeze prepared the men for what came next.

Not long after the whistle Belmont scored on a long break away.

The Dolphins would not stop.

Tumbling, bumbling, and stumbling the Green Hornets would match that long run to pay dirt.


Both teams would see the pot of gold again.


The final tally would see the Dolphins on the unlucky side of the result.

All in attendance commented on the class, skill, and overall handsomeness of the men that ventured from Santa Monica.

SMRC squad

Brian Regal
Spencer May
Badra Wilson
Lucas Ramos
Ollie Marchon
Dave Martini
Zac Winter
Sterling Sieja
Zack Bonte
Josh Pricket
Danny Thomas
Phil Osborne
Johnson Elwicky
Ester von Hefflefinger

Marc Stchebina – Coach
Aaron Davis – Manager