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Dolphins secure home playoff

Looking for a bonus point win against a very depleted Back Bay Sharks side the Dolphins ran away 71-5 victors on Saturday in New Port Beach.

It was a gorgeous day in Orange County on what has to be one of the most scenic rugby pitches in the world. The days first game featured a half by the SMRC Old Boys and a half featuring second side players against a mixed old boy/twos Sharks side. SMRC raced out to an early first half lead 3 tries to two. The seconds opened the game up even more as wing Lucas Ramos scored four tries, and Santa Monica enjoyed a vast majority of the possession in winning easily.

The win guarantees a home playoff game against the three seed from Pacific Coast on May 4.

Santa Monica-71
Tries (11)-Davey, Gibbon, Manavian, Morales, Okolu, Osborne (2), Ross (2), Williams, Woolley
Conversions (8)- Gibbon (3), Osborne, Ross (5)

Back Bay-5

1-Hill, Daniel (red card @79); 2-King, Pat (De la Torre @ 60); 3-Flake, Jon; Winter, Zac; 5-Davis, Aaron (Osborne @ 48); 6-Williams, Sion; 7-Manavian, Taylor; 8-Wooley, Andrew (Davey @ 48); 9-Yancey, Lucas (Carpio @48); 10-Gibbon, Alan (Cooley @ 48); 11-Pypers, Sean; 12-Lee, Shawn (Lesgourgues @79); 13-Morales, Shane (yellow card @38) (Milford @40); 14-Okolu, Chin (Martini @48) 15-Ross, Ali ©