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January Chairman’s Report

As announced at the AGM, the SMRC Board of Directors has been restructured to reflect the evolution of what was once a men’s team with 25 members into a multi-faceted club consisting of 350+ dues-paying members in three silos (men, women, youth) as well as an ever-expanding old boys (and girls) community.

This new organizational template will facilitate better accountability and promote more synergy between the silos.    Please be aware that the Directors are not responsible for doing all the work; the Club is still first and foremost a club and it is incumbent upon its members to take ownership of the labor that goes into making ours the best club in the U.S.

Every facet of day-to-day operations — dues collection, event planning, field lining, uniform washing, website maintenance, etc. — is in the hands of the membership.  Each Director helps ensure success (across the three silos) of their specific area of purview:  Treasurer, Secretary, Ombudsperson, VP Donations/Contributions, VP Sponsorship, VP Events, VP Communications, and VP Operations.  The Chairman (me) does his best to keep it all running.  (You’ll hear more from specific Directors in subsequent newsletters.)

So far, the membership has stepped up; kudos to all the worker bees out there.  But there is always more work to do.  If you have time or skill to devote to the Club, please reach out to the club leadership — captains, coaches, directors — and you will be given your share of the load.  We all appreciate it and we all are proud to wear Dolphin green.  Come out to Webster this Saturday and see the fruits of your labor!