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January Men’s Report

The Dolphins are already 1/4 of the way through their regular season, and have jumped out to a fast start.
Currently second in the standings, the Dolphins lost a heartbreaking opener to reigning national champions Belmont Shore on the seasons opening weekend.  The Dolphins scored the games only try (Wing, Sean Pypers) and had a chance to win the game in the closing minutes.  The Shore defense held firm and rebuffed the Dolphin thrusts.
Since that opening defeat the team has bounced back and are currently on a two game win streak.  The team hosted Old Aztecs in week 2 and ran away 61-17 winners.  Then followed that up with a very pedestrian, but victorious effort, 27-13 win at LARC.
“We’re building something that could end up being special,” says head coach Greg Commins.  “We’re working as a group to put a very exciting, wide open, brand of rugby on the field.  If we can accomplish that the results will definitely come.  We’ve got to finish in the top two this regular season and host a home playoff game at the Dolphin Pit.  I think the SMRC fans deserve to see some do or die rugger!”