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Kelp Crush Armada in Final Home Game

Armada traveled to Santa Monica with only 16 players for the Kelp’s final home game of the season, including a prop on the wing.  The Kelp took advantage of this on the first phase of play, with the forwards crashing the ball, sucking in most of the defense and the backs spinning the ball wide to newly minted father, Ryan Stockwell, who scored the first try less than a minute into the game.  With the next kickoff the ball was steadily advanced down the field with Garret Nolan scoring his first try.  Just minutes before the game Nolan commented, “I’ve never scored at anything, except baseball.”  After that it became the Wilson Badra show, scoring 2 tries and converting one of his own.  In both tries, after running past the entire defense he decided to do the Macarena with the fullback before touching down.  Just before half it was Elijah Daley who broke the the defense, with Wilson converting.  Down 0-36 starting the second half, Armada took advantage of a sleepy Kelp defense and scored an unconverted try.  Davis, decided enough was enough, bowled his way through to add a try for the forwards.  Davis attempted to convert his own try, but narrowly missed (wide by a mile).  Allen Corruth, playing scrum-half, did a dance of his own, side-stepping defenders, coverted by Wilson and then repeated just to show up Wilson.  Ryan Booker, having another solid day at defense,  ran 60 meters for his first try for the Kelp.  Then Armada made another big push to score their second and final try of the day.  Several plays later, Booker received the ball again, seeing nothing but dirt between him and the try line, stepped on the gas, only to trip on the one blade of grass left on the field.    Finally, Kilian Kerwin, with his debut at fly-half for the Kelp, passed the ball out, looped, the received the pass to score the final try of the day.  Final score, 63-10.