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Where are they now? Mike Piscal

Mike Piscal now resides in Las Vegas where he is Executive Director of
the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy . Tennis Legend Andre
Agassi personally recruited Mike as the best man to fulfill his
promise to the community to make Agassi Prep one of the best charter
schools in the nation. Mike is no longer playing
rugby, but plans to start a rugby program for his students at Agassi
Prep like he did in Los Angeles with Stuart Krohn.
When not working on improving the academic programs at Agassi Prep
Mike enjoys playing an occasional round of golf and on less frequent
occasions a visit to the gym.
“Where Are They Now”SMRC Rugby Player Profile
1. Name/Nick Name: Mike Piscal/Buddha
2. Significant Other/Children if applicable.
3. Birth Place: Fort Dix , NJ
4. Profession: Educator and Entrepreneur
5. Years Played with SMRC Rugby : 1989-2001
6. Playing position (Loosehead Prop & Hooker)
7. Most respected team-mates: Jamie Cullen, Robert Knox, and Roy Palmer
8. Most respected opponent: OMBAC
9. Most memorable rugby achievement: Stopping OMBAC from a 5 meter
push over try three times in a row. Every player in the OMBAC pack was
an Eagle except one. Knox helped.
10. Most embarrassing moment in rugby: throwing Simon Jones up in the
air in a line out and forgetting to catch him when he came down. He
was none too happy about it. It’s amazing how high a 140lb lock can be
lifted by two props.