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Women Beat Tucson 83-5

Santa Monica women beat Old Pueblo 83-5 at home this Saturday in their second game of the season.


Santa Monica hit the field hard scoring, scoring 10 tries in the first half.  After fumbling the ball off the kick-off, Santa Monica quickly regained moment with Number 8, Emily Lawrence scoring the first try within the first five minutes.  Wing Ann Lease scored the next try wide off some great backline ball handling.  The backline continues connecting with Fullback Hannah “Miley” Greene and Inside Center Tia Blythe scoring back to back tries, followed by Santa Monica Rookie and Wing Leilani Martin’s first of four tries.   The first half continued strong with second tries for Ann and Miley, two more for Leilani and a beautiful scrum try from Lock Anita Bradbury.  Halftime score: 56-0


The beginning of second half, Santa Monica came out strong once more, with Rookie Prop Lydia Faitalia scoring her first ever try off a strong drive by the scrum, two minutes into the half.  Leilani, barreling up the field once more, scored her forth and final try.   Inside Center Whitney Vance scored the teams next try, followed quickly by Prop Darlene Calderon.  Late in the game Old Pueblo surged driving Santa Monica onto their back foot.  After defending their try for 15 minutes, Santa Monica allowed their first try in of the season.  Recovering quickly, Santa Monica rallied to end the game strong with a final try scored by Outside Center Sarah Harris in the final minute of the match.

Santa Monica Remains Undefeated

Santa Monica- 83

Tries- Emily Lawrecne, Ann Lease (2), Hannah “Miley” Greene (2), Tia Blythe, Leilani Martin (4), Anita Bradbury, Lydia Faitalia, Whitney Vance, Darlene Calderon, Sarah Harris

Convertions- Hannah “Miley” Greene-3, Tia Blythe- 1


Old Pueblo 5

Tries- 1

Conversions 0