Player Bio’s

Name Height Position Playing rugby for… Fun fact
Sin, Erica 5’9 Coach 5 years Was a Rose Princess quarter finalist senior year of high school
Bercovici, Jacki 5’7 Fullback or center 2 years with smrc “I moved to Iowa for 4 years to play rugby before even visiting the college or Iowa and then tore lateral meniscus on first day of practice”
Birdwhistell, Emily 5’5 Scrum-half 8 years “I have visited 40 countries.”
Bradbury, Anita 5’8 Lock, utility forward 4 years with smrc “A life goal of mine is to go bowling on every continent. So far, I have 4 out of 7.”
Crane, Nina 5’6 Inside center 4 years with smrc “I was once carried off stage while singing a Shakira song in Cabo, Mexico and then ran back on to finish the song.”
Davisson, Jacque 5’10 8 man 7 months Loves lucky charms
Derhagopian, Christina 5’3 Hooker 8 years total, 4 years with smrc “I once ate a whole ghost pepper.”
Dickerson, Rebecca 5’2 Flanker 4 years with smrc “I have my own dance.”
Dolloso, Tess 5’6 Prop 4 years with smrc “I’m willing to do almost anything at least once. (Anyone for skydiving?)”
Han, Hannah 5’9 Winger or fullback 7 years total, 3 years with samo “I love laughing, it’s my favorite.”
Harris, Allison 5’7 Lock 2 years with smrc “I was first asked to play rugby when I was 19 and refused…what was I thinking?”
Harris, Sarah 5’5 Fly-half 3.5 years with smrc “My favorite food is steak.”
Hearn, Rebecca  (Bunz) 5’2 Winger or fullback 3 years with smrc “I’m Canadian.”
Lawrence, Emily 5’ll Lock 15 years “I was a professional disc golfer in 2012 and placed 15 in the world”
Lee, Margaret 5’7 Lock 7 years Has two colored eyes
Monod, Flo 5’5 Prop 7 months with smrc “I am a surgical nurse in France.”
Notar, Julia 5’9 Lock 3 years with smrc, 10 years total “I love cookies.”
Rodriguez, April 5’6 Flanker or Lock 6 years “I’m a scientist”
Spaulding, Amber (Blondie) 5’5 Flanker 7 years with smrc “I lose my phone a lot”
Swain, Cindy 5’5 Prop 2 years with smrc “I know how to play the Glass Armonica”
Thorman, Tess 5’6 Fly-half 7 months with smrc, 8 years total “I can count in binary on my fingers.”
Tin, Lucy 5’2 Winger 2 years with smrc Playing drums for 13 years
Tong, Cassie 5’4 Flanker 2 years with smrc “I think n’sync is better than the backstreet boys.”
Vance, Whitney 5’8 Center 7 years “I was a vegetarian for 5 years.”
Walker, Alex 5’5 Winger 6 months with Santa Monica “I sing the girl part in ‘teach me how to dougie’”