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Barracuda Best Belmont

IMG_8692In this weekends match up against long time rivals Belmont Shore saw the team come together for a strong win.  With early points on the board, Belmont led by 12 20 minutes in.  But, the boys rallied together and stepped up thedefense, opening the door for the fast footed Badra Wilson to get over the line. Tyler Pritchard slotted the conversion to bring the score within 5 points.

Great strategic kicking from Pierce Cooley pushed Belmont time and again back into a corner and  a strong pack effort Brandon Sofly cleared the line, tying the score.

Belmont struck back just before the half, finishing 19 – 12 to Belmont.

Santa Monica made a great start to the second half, with Nate Terrazone charging over the line.   Once again Tyler Pritchard stepped up and made the extra two points. Belmont struck back quickly though, rounding on the outside scoring an unconverted try in the corner.

IMG_7491It was Brandon Sofly’s day, and with a pick and go off the back of a ruck he was driven over for his second of the day.

The next try came to Jabari Zuberi, who charged over the line for another five points.

Tyler Pritchard again stepping up and converting to extend the lead.

Santa Monica was now dictating the pace of the game and Belmont Shore were being repeatedly pushed back in to their half.
Pierce Cooley’s strong kicking improved with the wind at his back, and the Barracuda started winning the confrontations at the break down.
Some clever play by Lucas Yancey set Nate Terrazone charging up the field unopposed, but a try saving tackle was made by Belmont’s fullback.
Once again back in Belmont Shore’s 22, Shawn Lee found a hole around the ruck and scooted over for Santa sixth try of the day.
Belmont was not out of the running yet. Some fast hands saw them move the ball to an overlap on the outside, and they scored in the corner.
In the closing minute of the game Tyler Pritchard stepped up once again. An infringement by Belmont Shore, gave him a final parting short. And he nailed down the win with a penalty conversion.

Final Score: 
Belmont Shore 29 – Santa Monica 39

Badra Wilson (1)
Brandon Sofly (2)
Nate Terrazone (1)
Jabari Zuberi (1)
Shawn Lee (1)

Tyler Pritchard (3)

Penalty Conversions:
Tyler Pritchard (1)