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Raptors Maul Dolphins

Glendale Raptors 59, Santa Monica 19


Hosting their first match on the season Glendale relished home field advantage with a 59-19 win over Santa Monica. Despite being on the road and in very cold conditions the Dolphins had the first chance to score only minutes in when they earned a penalty but unfortunately they weren’t able to convert. Instead, it was Glendale that marched down the field and scored a try via winger Max Statler in the fifth minute. He would add another try minutes later. Mike Graham made one of two conversions to make it 12-0.


Santa Monica struck back with a try of their own but it was Glendale’s day. Dustin Croy added another try for Glendale and then Graham hit a penalty to put the Raptors at 20 points. Santa Monica were able to score again to make it 20-12 at the half.


The second half was all Glendale. Graham hit another penalty just after the half followed by a Chad London score a few minutes later. Croy would add two more tires and Phil White also had one as Glendale piled it on. Santa Monica scored one try in the second half but it wasn’t enough.


The win now puts Glendale in second place, tied with Belmont Shore at 3-1. Santa Monica are reeling now with a 1-4 record. Glendale play OMBAC next while Santa Monica hosts Olympic Club