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Get to know us… Bobby Hacker; Club Ombudsman

Everyone knows him, but nobody knows what he does…. Bobby tries to explain to us a fraction of what exactly he does for the club


The role of the Ombudsman or Ombudsperson is many things, but in simplest terms the Ombudsman serves as the complaint department.  If a member of the club has an issue, then that person brings the issue to my attention.  I evaluate the facts as presented, ask questions and then investigate and propose a resolution.  The resolution may be having a coach speak with a player if it was, for example, a conduct issue that occurred at a social event.  It might be where a player wants an independent third party to investigate coaching conduct, in which case I look for an answer from the coaches and then advise the player regarding the complaint, the investigation and any action.    In certain circumstances I may have to address the issue to the Board in order to either have the Board weigh in on the situation or vote on action.

In addition, I represent the Club before any of the governing divisions of rugby, whether for sanctions sought by the club or defending against any claims brought against the Club.    Similarly, if any outside person were to make a claim against the Club, I would be the Club’s liaison, acting as the first line of defense and making recommendations to the Board with respect the appropriate response and/or action.