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Kelp Stomp Dead Rabbits

The Fight Kelp took the field against undefeated Dead Rabbits with the sidelines dotted with former SMRC Legends, Ron Guss, Stu Khron, Rob Knox and Dominic Riebli, just to name a few.
SMRC v Rabbits:Olympic - 10686
Still stinging from a 50 point loss 2 weeks ago and a loss to the Dead Rabbits at the end of the last season, the Kelp were looking for payback.  It was Lucas Yancey who put SMRC on the board first, playing smart rugby, kicking the ball down the field and forcing a penalty for an easy penalty kick.  Dead Rabbits and Kelp went back and forth for 20 minutes before spinning the ball wide to Rob King for a try and a conversion by Yancey.  With time running out of the first half, the Dead Rabbits scrambled from left to right, with the Kelp missing several tackles including Coach Kremer allowing a score in the corner.
SMRC v Rabbits:Olympic - 10703-1
The second half started much like the first, with Yancey making a penalty kick from the 10 meter line and a few minutes later it was Rob King once again getting the ball through the hands scoring in the corner.  It seemed as if the Kelp had the game wrapped up with the score 18-5, but let up on the gas and Dead Rabbits regained the momentum, breaking tackles and scoring 2 more tries, but came up short with a final score of 18-17.
SMRC v Rabbits:Olympic - 10918

Special mention for old boy Steve Bagnara for strapping on boots and Jack Semcken and Garrett Nolan playing full games for the Kelp and Barracuda.