Youth Age-Weight


Southern California Youth Rugby (SCYR) is USA Rugby’s State Governing Body responsible for all youth club and high school rugby in Southern California.  Below is a summary of the SCYR Age/Weight Restrictions. 


U8 Flag Coed:

Ages 6, 7, 8 with no weight restrictions.  Female age 9 can play flag with no weight restrictions.  

U10 Coed:

Age 8: no weight restrictions

Age 9: 132lbs and under. If over, must play U12

Age 10: only if 80lbs and under

U12 Coed:

Age 10: no weight restrictions

Age 11: 165lbs and under. If over, must play U14

Age 12: only in 100lbs and under

Boys U14 Novice and Experienced Divisions:

Ages 12 and 13: No weight parameter. SoCal Board will determine if team plays Novice or Experienced.

Age 14 female may play U14 if in Middle School.

Players should initially register to their age-correct category and apply for the waiver. If approved, the player will be moved to the new age category by SCYR

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